Swiss Diamond Warranty Disapproval Reasons

Most Swiss Diamond warranty claims are approved and qualify for a replacement. However, we want to make sure that we cover all of our bases in order to save you time and money. These items will not be covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please look below and ensure that your pan does NOT fall into one of these categories.

Check the box on each of the reasons that your claim will not be approved to ensure your warranty is processed as smoothly as possible. If you feel that your product does not fall into one of these ways to misuse the pan, please continue to the next page to start your warranty claim.

1. Your Pan Doesn't Display Scruff/Cut marks:
Swiss Diamond Cookware is safe for use with metal utensils - however, visible scratches may occur. While this does not damage the pan's performance, it can reduce the aesthetic value. Our Use & Care Instructions strongly recommend nylon, silicone, or other nonstick-friendly utensils to prevent this damage. The instructions also recommend against food being cut up in the pan with a knife or fork. This results in obvious cuts in the surface. This kind of abuse is not covered by Swiss Diamond's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

2. It Doesn't Display Lack of cleaning:
Some pans have obviously never been washed, or have always been washed poorly, resulting in loss of non-stick. If you feel this is the case, please try to cleaning the pan with a paste of baking soda and water (see instructions here) and see how the nonstick properties come back. Pans that are not clean will not be covered by warranty.

3. It Doesn't Display Bleached Interior or Base:
A bleached or dried-out look to the pan's interior or base indicates the pan has been put in the dishwasher repeatedly with a bleach-based detergent or washed with other abrasive cleaners. While Swiss Diamond cookware is dishwasher safe, it is highly recommended that you hand wash for superior long-term results. Repetitive bleaching or the use of oven cleaner or other abrasive cleaners is not covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

4. It Doesn't Display Blistering Caused by Overheating:
Blistering is caused by overheating. Swiss Diamond products should not be overheated or used on high heat, as stated in the Use & Care Instructions which are included with each product. Signs of overheating will result in disapproval of the warranty claim, as it is not a manufacturer's defect.

If you are sure that your Swiss Diamond product does not look like any of the above, the click the button to proceed to the next step.
All FOUR Check Marks MUST be checked in order to proceed.

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